Benefits of Reiki


Reiki can be hugely beneficial if you live in Charleston. Reiki can benefit recoveries from surgery, stress, pain, and a variety of other things. Reiki is an ancient form of healing originating in Japan.

Reiki is natural healing

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of natural healing. Using no harmful chemicals or supplies; Reiki is safe for all ages and all types of people. Because Reiki uses purely life energy it won’t affect allergies or have any harmful results down the line.

Pain relief

Reiki can help with many types of pain. Some people use it alongside cancer treatment. It can help with soreness from exercise, sometimes even temporary elevate skin conditions like hives. If you get chronic headaches Reiki could be a good treatment as well.

Align your mind and body

Reiki can help align your Seven Chakras. Using your universal life force you can balance your spiritual health. By helping energy “blocks” move along, you’re allowing the mind, body, and spirit to work as one. Reiki can help improve your meditation regiment.

Reduce Stress, Boost happiness

Reiki is known to reduce stress and anxiety. In as little as one session, many people see improvements in their sleeping habits, reduction of pain from migraines, and less nausea. Reiki can help depression and works well alongside with other treatments.